SC4SM Board

Dr Richard Barker

Director, CASMI. Chair, South London AHSN

Dr Richard Barker is a strategic advisor, speaker and author on healthcare and life sciences. He is Director of the Centre for the Advancement of Sustainable Medical Innovation, a major European initiative aimed at transforming the R&D and regulatory processes in life sciences to bring advances more rapidly and affordably to patients.

Dr Ernie Harpur

Toxicologist, University of Newcastle

Following periods of doctoral and post-doctoral research in toxicology, Ernie spent 13 years in academia where his research interests centered on investigations of mechanisms of toxicity.  Ernie subsequently worked for 21 years in Drug Safety Assessment in pharmaceutical industry based in Europe and the USA, for the last 9 years as Global Head of Scientific Affairs and Regulatory Standards.

Professor Frank Bonner

Chief Executive

Professor Frank Bonner was appointed Chief Executive of Stem Cells for Safer Medicines in July, 2009 and led a successful funding effort with the private and public sectors which provided support for the current research campaign.

Dr Mark Bale

Interim Director of Health Science and Bioethics, DoH

Dr Mark Bale PhD is Interim Director of Health Science and Bioethics and Head of Profession for Scientists  in the Department of Health. His Division has responsibility for genetics and genomics, stem cells, emerging science, tissue, embryology and assisted conception donation (including HFEA, HTA and NHSBT sponsorship), sexual health, screening and sponsorship of MHRA.

Robert Bryan

Head of Science and Technology Team, BPE

Robert Bryan has been working with organisations and individuals operating in science, technology, engineering and healthcare for 15 years. As the Company Secretary to SC4SM as well as being the legal adviser to such bodies as the Royal Society, the Royal Academy of Engineering and the Physiological Society, Rob is working at the heart of UK science, technology and engineering.

Dr Paul Duffy

Senior Project Director, AstraZeneca

Dr Paul Duffy is Lead Toxicologist and member of the leadership team in the New Opportunities Innovative medicines Group and on the leadership team of AstraZeneca’s Global Safety Assessment function he is also the Toxicology project Lead on a number of late stage potential new medicines within AstraZeneca.

Professor Tim Hammond

Consultant, pharmaceutical drug Discovery and Development

Professor Tim Hammond is a consultant with 35 years experience in pharmaceutical drug Discovery and Development. He was previously the Vice President of Safety Assessment in the UK for AstraZeneca.